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Professional Cutlery

Professional Cutlery

A chef is only as good as his tools. Especially his knives. A dull knife is not only a dangerous thing to have a kitchen, it can also slow a chef down. Every second of lost time adds up, especially on a busy Friday night in a professional kitchen. A professional chef or cook needs to be able to count on all his or her tools, and those tools can never fail him because they are poor quality or because of poor craftsmanship. But high quality tools don’t just matter to professional chefs and cooks. Even home cooks care deeply about the type of knives they are using, and so professional cutlery is important to just about anybody who takes cooking seriously.

Professional cutlery is produced and marketed by several different brands. The brand you choose for your cutlery depends on your budget and your needs. Given the amount of knives on the market, and the number of companies that manufacture kitchen knives, it is best to do research before you make any purchases. Ask any chefs or serious cooks you might know—they are always vocal about their allegiances and the companies they hate. They’ll tell you who they love and why as well as who they would never buy from. You can also find recommendations and reviews on several websites dedicated to professional cutlery and kitchen items. Once you have read some reviews, you should sample the knives before you buy them. You need to make sure you like the weight, the balance, and the way the blade cuts.

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